Iran should stop its hostile methods

NEW YORK, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubair on Wednesday called on Iran to stop its antagonistic methods.

During a press conference today, Al-Jubair said, “discussions are being held with members on the steps that will be taken in response to attacks on the Aramco oil facilities.” He was speaking on margins of the United Nations General Assembly’s 74th session.

He confirmed Iran’s involvement in the attacks on Baqeeq and Khurais facilities mid-September to say, “We have evidence that Iranian weapons have been used in the attack as UN experts and others are investigating and an announcement will be made on the results.” Al-Jubair added, “international support is needed and we look into all options to make a decision.” On the situation in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is working to strengthen the rebuilding process as it announced today to offer USD 500 million to UN humanitarian agencies working in Yemen.

The Houthi militias have taken responsibility of the attack on the oil facilities on September 14, while the UK, France, and Germany confirmed Iran’s responsibility in the attack however Tehran denied its involvement in it.

Source: Kuwait News Agency