Iraq offers rewards for information on missing Kuwaitis during 90s

BAGHDAD, The Iraqi Ministry of Defense on Wednesday set aside handsome financial rewards for possible informers of the whereabouts of the bodies of the Kuwaiti nationals who went missing during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait or stolen Kuwaiti property.

The Iraqi nationals who have any information about missing Iraqis, Kuwaitis or Iranians in the Iraq-Iran War and the (first) Gulf War or the stolen properties of the Kuwaiti Amiri Diwan are entitled to receive handsome rewards, the Ministry said in a statement.

The statement, which did not specify the amount of the rewards, is the second by the Ministry of Defense, which appealed in March 2017 for information on this issue and did not reveal whether it received such information since then.

In May 2016, the Iraqi government referred the dossier of missing bodies and stolen property from the Ministry of Human Rights to the Ministry of Defense which vowed to address this issue as early as possible.

Source: Kuwait News Agency