Iraq pres. offers to step down

BAGHDAD, Iraqi President Barham Salih has declined to endorse a nominee for the prime ministership, saying he is ready to tender resignation to parliament.

The Iraqi parliament’s Binaa bloc on Wednesday nominated Assad Al Eidani, the governor of Basra and a former minister of youth and sports, for the top position.

“I apologize for nominating Assad Al Edani for the role of prime minister,” Salih wrote in a letter to parliament.

He said that he would rather step down than pick a new prime minister who cannot calm down the volatile situation in the country or fulfill the expectations and hopes of Iraqi people.

The Iraqi president stressed that the country’s political rivals should put the public interest into consideration, rather than personal and political interests.

The Iraqi parliament had passed recent amendments to the country’s electoral law in response to one of key demands made by protesters, aiming to ensure a fairer vote after recent elections were marred by rigging allegations.

Iraqi people, especially youth, have been demonstrating nationwide for months in protest against alleged corruption, unemployment and poor public services.

Protesters in Baghdad Wednesday blocked roads and bridges and in the south demonstrators torched several buildings following the announcement of Al Eidani’s nomination.

Source: Kuwait News Agency