Iraqi premier re-affirms peaceful intentions toward neighbors

BAGHDAD, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi said on Saturday his government is seeking to build “a strong Iraq that does not aggress on others and abides by the constitution that bars offensives on neighbors.” “The new Iraq wants to live in peace with its neighbors and believes that (local) development is unattainable without development of the whole region and cooperation with the neighboring states,” said the prime minister in a statement at the conference and exhibition of Iraqi military industries.

He warned other states, without naming them, against bids to impose their “interests at the expense of Iraq.” “Interests must be mutual and based on cooperation on common points and contentious matters must be brushed aside.” Iraq, during era of the defunct regime of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait in 1990 and occupied the country for seven months. The Iraqis had been also engaged in an eight-year war with the Iranian in the 80s. (end) ah.rk

Source: Kuwait News Agency