Kuwait underlines importance of preventative diplomacy at UNSC session

Kuwait on Friday stressed the importance of preventative diplomacy and boosting the Security Council’s role in the early prevention of conflicts and crises that may later threaten regional and global security.

In a speech at a Security Council session on the Middle East and Iran, Kuwait’s permanent UN envoy Mansour Al-Otaibi said he hopes ongoing public demonstrations in Iran do not take this route.

Kuwait urged the need to conform to UN charter principles, which call for respecting the sovereignty of nations and non-intervention in their internal affairs.

Al-Otaibi said that in recent years, many nations in the Middle East witnessed protests that began peacefully then turned violent, leaving behind huge human losses and destruction and outside intervention that threatened regional security and stability.

Some of these protests led to tragic situations the international community still suffers from. Kuwait hopes this does not happen to Iran or any other country, he said.

Iran is a neighbouring country to Kuwait, and both are bound by historic relations, said the ambassador.

Kuwait is committed to stable and warm relations with Iran based on good neighbourliness, mutual respect, shared interests and non-intervention in eachothers internal affairs, he said.

The security and stability of Iran is linked to the security and stability of the region as a whole, he said.

Kuwait hopes the situation there does not escalate to further violence and calls for self-restraint and rationale in handling protesters and responding to their needs.

Al-Otaibi also underlined the importance of freedom of expression and peaceful protest guaranteed by the Iranian constitution and in accordance with international law.

He also expressed Kuwait’s sorrow over the loss of civilians and security forces due to the protests in Iran.

Source: Kuwait News Agency