Launch of new European Commission delayed

BRUSSELS, The new European Commission of President-elect Ursula von der Leyen was scheduled to begin work on November 1, but this has been delayed probably to 1 December, an EU spokesperson said Monday.

The delay in the inauguration of the European Union’s executive body comes after the European Parliament rejected three candidates for the post of Commissioners, including France, Hungary and Romania during the grilling sessions in September and early October.

“Several steps need to be taken which are in the hands of (EU) member states who are yet to propose candidates for Commissioners,” chief spokesperson for the European Commission Mina Andreeva told a news conference today.

Once the President-elect has interviewed the new candidates the new list has to be sent to the EU Council for its approval. This will be followed by the hearings in the European Parliament of the three new candidates.

“It is up to the European Parliament to set its final confirmatory vote on the entire college Commissioners by the end of November,” she said.

“But again this depends if the timetable will be kept. But the working assumption is the 1st of December,” (for the new Commission to take office) she added.

A European Parliament vote is required for the approval of the EU Commissioners.

The delay means that outgoing president of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will remain in power for at least a month longer than expected.

Source: Kuwait News Agency