Libya truce should get durable confirmation at Berlin Conference – France

PARIS, The truce between Libyan warring actions announced in Moscow Monday should be helped by the forthcoming Berlin Conference on Libya to be hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French Foreign Ministry said Monday.

“We can’t leave things in this state” in Libya, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Von Der Muhll said in a briefing.

She remarked that “the instability and chaos in Libya, due to clashes between militias, and all sorts of trafficking” as well as the plundering of resources “and the growing interferences of foreign powers” can not be allowed to continue.

The French official said that there was general agreement with France’s partners that there is no military solution in Libya, nor any solution outside international law.

She warned against foreign powers using Libya as a battle ground to face off against each other.

The Berlin Conference is “a good initiative so that the (Moscow) truce can lead to a lasting cessation of hostilities and so that a real political process and dialogue between the Libyan parties can be engaged,” the spokeswoman added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency