Palestinian factions call for Jerusalem million-march on Friday

GAZA– The follow-up committee of the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces has called for a million-man march on Friday in support of Jerusalem.

In a press conference in central Gaza, committee spokesman Khalid Al-Batsh on Wednesday urged the Palestinian masses to take part in the march after Friday noon prayers along Salah-Eddin road that goes through southern to northern Gaza.

He expected Palestinians, young and old, men and women, to rush out and let the world hear them strongly reiterate, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.” Al-Batsh noted the decision by the US President Donald Trump’s “will not pass” saying that the move has put the US in confrontation with the entire world.

He appealed to the Arab and Muslim leaders meeting in Istanbul for a summit on Jerusalem to force the US to draw back on the decision.

Source: Kuwait News Agency