Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia agree on building Renaissance dam

KHARTOUM, Sudanese and Egyptian Presidents Omar Al-Bashir and Abdulfatah Al-Sisi, and Ethiopian Premier Abe Ahmad agreed Sunday on importance of building Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, while ensuring Khartoum and Cairo’s quotas from Nile River would not be affected.

In a press release, the Sudanese presidency said that a trilateral summit between the three countries was held in Addis Ababa, and discussion tackled the latest development on the Renaissance Dam, also known as Nahda dam, including progress of cooperation between the three countries in this regard.

The trilateral summit took place on the sidelines of the African Union 32nd summit.

The statement added that three leaders said it was important the three countries benefit from the Nahda Dam.

However, Egypt expressed its concern about the impact of Nahdha dam, which Ethiopia is building on the Nile River, on its 55.5 billion cubic meters annual share from Nile water, while the Ethiopian side asserts that the dam will be generating power but will not be harmful to Sudan and Egypt.

Source: Kuwait News Agency