Sudanese Pres. orders release of people detained during protests

KHARTOUM, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Friday ordered release of all people detained during recent protests, saying he was keen on maintaining security and stability nationwide.

Al-Bashir, in a meeting with local officials, said the next government would consist of ministers with quality, official news agency quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, protests renewed in Khartoum following Friday’s prayer demanding the removal of the ruling regime, in a show of defiance to the state of emergency.

Al-Bashir announced the one-year-long state of emergency on February 23, dissolved the government and replaced the local governors with military and security officers. The union of professionals and its allies considered the move an attempt to suppress the demonstrators.

The Sudanese authorities said around 33 people were killed and over 800 arrested during the demonstrations, but opposition said those killed were over 50 and more than 1,000 arrested.

Source: Kuwait News Agency