Syria announces militants leave Harasta in E. Ghouta

AMMAN, Syria announced on Friday that Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta is free of militants after the last group of Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham Al-Islamiyya and their families had left the city towards Idlib in northwest Syria.

This is in line with an agreement reached between the Karakat on the one hand, and Russia and the Syrian regime on the other.

Syrian TV said tonight that all militants and their families left the city to Idlib in northwestern country, adding that Harasta has become free from militants after they had controlled the city over six years.

At least 4,386 people, including 1,413 militants, left the city today and yesterday, it added.

Under another agreement, some other militants will leave a number of towns on Saturday, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday that negotiations are underway between Jaish Al-Islam, the largest Syrian rebel group in Eastern Ghouta, and Russia on reaching a deal with the Syrian regime to free thousands of abductees and prisoners, and evacuate thousands of medical cases.

It added that negotiations continue between the two sides to end military operations completely in Duma town.

The negotiations coincide with an anticipation of releasing thousands of abductees in Jaish Al-Islam’s prisons in Duma in Eastern Ghouta in return for evacuating thousands of patients for treatment.

Furthermore, Faylaq Al Rahman, one of Syria’s main armed groups in Eastern Ghouta, reached an agreement on Friday with the Russian side that includes a complete cease-fire in the central sector of Ghouta that is under the group’s control. This came after a meeting held between the two sides today.

The Faylaq said in a statement that the meeting ended up with an agreement on the commitment by the two parties to a cease-fire supported by Russian guarantees and the immediate evacuation of the patients and the wounded to be treated at hospitals.

The deal also included that the regime forces do not pursue these people and to allow them to return to Eastern Ghouta after their recoveries.

The statement noted that the agreement called for taking immediately all necessary measures to improve humanitarian situation and facilitating the immediate entry of humanitarian relief convoys, while ensuring an exit under the supervision of Russia’s military police.

Those who leave the city are entitled to take with them their light baggage, personal documents, devices and financial savings without being subjected to personal inspection, it pointed out.

According to the statement, it is guaranteed that none of civilians wishing to remain in Eastern Ghouta is pursued by the Syrian intelligence services.

Also among the terms of the agreement is the deployment of Russia’s military police checkpoints in towns currently under the control of the Faylaq.

Source: Kuwait News Agency