Top journalist praises Kuwaiti media for supporting Palestinian case

BAGHDAD– The Head of Palestinian Journalists Nasser Abu Bakr praised Monday the Kuwaiti media and Kuwaiti Journalists Association (KJA) for their great support to the Palestinian case.

Abu Bakr praised also efforts exerted by the Kuwaiti delegation participating in the Union of the Arab Journalists conference held in Baghdad, which strongly rejected and denounced the US decision on Jerusalem.

On the sidelines of his participation in the Conference Abu Bakr said in a statement to (KUNA) that the Kuwaiti delegation was a basic supportive of the Palestinian issue through the years in all international and Arabic forums.

He praised proposal made by Kuwait for all members of the conference to wear the Palestinian traditional scarves during the meetings.

“It is who proposed to hold all meetings under the name of (AL-Quds session) this certainly credited to be great defense of Jerusalem and the Palestinian case”, he said.

“We, and the Kuwaiti people are not only brothers, we are one country, the Kuwaitis has been always embodied this support for Palestinian in all forums held to discuss our issue”, he added In reference to the Jerusalem statement issued by the general conference of Arab journalists Abu Bakr said, “The statement is a victory for Palestine and for Jerusalem”.

After Abu Bakr’s delivered his speech, Journalists who represent Arab nation all rose up and shouted out loud that Jerusalem is the historic and eternal capital of Palestine.

“Today we feel that we have a strong and significant support from all the Arab nation and its peoples and journalists, which strengthens us and leads us to further steps. ” he continued The final statement of the meetings of the General Secretariat and the Permanent Bureau of the General Federation of Arab Journalists condemned yesterday the American decision regarding the adoption of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

It declared the support for the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people against the occupation.

On other hand, the statement praised the Iraqi victory over the terrorist organizations and the liberation of the entire Iraqi territories The Kuwaiti delegation represented by Chairman of (KJA) Rabaa Makki, along with other members, contributed to drafting the statement of the Jerusalem Union as well as drafting the final statement.

Source: kuwait News Agency