Trump says trade talks with China “going well”

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump affirmed Thursday that the trade talks with China are “going well with good intent.” An official delegation from China is in the nation’s capital for a series of meetings to discuss the trade relationship between the two countries, which are part of the agreement reached by Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires in December “to engage in 90 days of negotiations with a view to achieving needed structural changes in China that affect trade between the United States and China.” In a series of tweets, Trump said “meetings are going well with good intent and spirit on both sides.” He added that China “does not want an increase in Tariffs and feels they will do much better if they make a deal. They are correct.” He stressed that “no final deal will be made until my friend President Xi, and I, meet in the near future to discuss and agree on some of the long standing and more difficult points.” “Very comprehensive transaction….

China’s representatives and I are trying to do a complete deal, leaving NOTHING unresolved on the table. All of the many problems are being discussed and will be hopefully resolved,” he noted.

He reiterated that “tariffs on China increase to 25 percent on March 1st, so all working hard to complete by that date!” He announced that he will be meeting with their top leaders and representatives later today in the Oval Office.

Furthermore, Trump said in a separate tweet “looking for China to open their Markets not only to Financial Services, which they are now doing, but also to our Manufacturing, Farmers and other US businesses and industries. Without this a deal would be unacceptable!”

Source: Kuwait News Agency