Trump says unhappy with China trade talks

WASHINGTON, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, unhappy with recent trade talks with China, said the United States has not reached a deal to lift sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE.

“There is no deal. We will see what happens,” Trump said to reporters during a meeting with South Korea President Moon Jae-in. Asked if he was happy with how recent trade meetings with China went, Trump responded, “No.” His comments contrast with reports that his administration had decided to help ZTE in return for trade concessions with Beijing.

The President told reporters the US lost billions for many years and then the numbers fluctuated: “When you are losing USD 500 billion a year you can’t lose in terms of a negotiation. It’s really easy to win. It want this to be a great deal for the United States and I want it to be a good deal for China too. It may not be possible.

Source: Kuwait News Agency