US committed to helping “the vulnerable refugees” –Pompeo

Commemorating World Refugee Day, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday pledged “steadfast commitment” to supporting millions displaced inside Syria and the world’s “most vulnerable refugees.” “The United States maintains a steadfast commitment to getting life-saving support to Syrians wherever they are” and has provided nearly 8.1 billion in humanitarian aid since the start of the conflict, the Secretary of State said in a statement marking the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) commemoration. The US provides more humanitarian assistance than any other single country worldwide, including to refugees, Pompeo asserted.

Last year, the country provided USD 8 billion in humanitarian aid, including USD 204 million to those displaced in Burma and Bangladesh. The US also provided USD 277 million to those affected by violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2016. “Commitment to the world’s most vulnerable individuals remains a critical component of America’s national security policy,” According to Pompeo. “The United States will continue to prioritize the admission of the most vulnerable refugees while upholding the safety and security of the American people.” Since 1975, the US has accepted more than 3.3 million refugees for permanent resettlement — more than any other country in the world, according to Pompeo. However, the number refugees resettled in the country has plummeted from the 110,000 ceiling set by the Obama administration to 45,000 for 2018, according to the State Department. Meanwhile, the UNHCR reports that nearly 69 million people who have fled war, violence and persecution were forcibly displaced in 2017, a record for the fifth straight year.

Source: Kuwait News Agency