US considers Guaido’s safe return home important – Pence

WASHINGTON, US Vice President Mike Pence said Monday his country considers the “safe return” of National Assembly leader and US-recognized interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido of “highest importance.

“Guaido’s safe return to Venezuela is of the highest importance to the US. Any threats, violence, or intimidation against him will not be tolerate and will be met with swift response. The world is watching. Interim President Guaido must be allowed to re-enter Venezuela safely,” Pence said in a tweet.

For his part, US National Security Adviser John Bolton also said that “any threats or acts against his safe return will be met with a strong and significant response from the United States and the international community.” Guaido said in a speech aired on social media on Sunday that he would return to Caracas for protest marches on Monday to end the rule of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

Source: Kuwait News Agency