US House reveals testimonies in Trump impeachment probe

WASHINGTON, The US House of Representatives released on Friday transcripts of testimonies of the two former National Security Council (NSC) officers Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill in the ongoing Democratic-lead impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Vindman – an NSC top Ukraine expert, and Hill – Trump’s former top Russia adviser, made the testimonies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Intelligence Committee, and Oversight and Reform Committee behind closed doors, according to a joint statement by heads of the Committees.

“Vindman testified that the July 25, 2019, call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president led him to report immediately to lawyers at the White House his serious concerns about political investigations the President pressed for on the call.

“Vindman also told the Committees that the act could ‘undermine US national security,” the statement said.

On her part, Hill who served as Lt.-Col. Vindman’s supervisor, detailed how senior officials at the White House, including National Security Advisor John Bolton, shared her serious concern about efforts prior to the July 25 call to push Ukraine to undertake these politically-motivated investigations.

Meanwhile, Trump said, “I don’t want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt,” referring the impeachment inquiry). “I’d love to have (White House acting chief of staff) Mick (Mulvaney) go up, frankly. I think he’d do great,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency