US urges Turkey, Russia, Syria to provide path for Kurds to return to Afrin

WASHINGTON, Responding to the situation in Afrin, Syria, the State Department on Thursday called on “all relevant actors” operating in northwest Syria to enable the return of displaced persons.

Told that Turkey was forcing Kurds from Afrin and not allowing their return, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said, “We’ve been watching this situation very carefully in Afrin.

We spent a lot of time covering this about a month or two ago, 140,000 people have been displaced.” “As far as we can tell, they are not being allowed back in to their homes and communities,” she said.

“We have expressed grave concern about the humanitarian situation in Afrin over recent weeks and months. That remains a concern of ours today.” The US calls on Turkey, Russia and Syria “to provide access for international humanitarian aid organizations and to allow for people to come home,” Nauert added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency