Zarif says Iran has no “preference” in US election to intervene

WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (KUNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied Sunday that his country would not interfere in the upcoming 2020 US presidential elections, saying “we don’t have a preference in your election to intervene in that election.” In an interview on NBC network, Zarif stressed “we don’t interfere in the internal affairs of another country.” He added “but there is a cyber war going on” and that the US “started that cyber war, with attacking our nuclear facilities in a very dangerous, irresponsible way that could’ve killed millions of people.” “So there is a cyber war and Iran is engaged in that cyber war,” he acknowldeged.

He stressed “but… any war that the United States starts, it won’t be able to finish.” Asked if Iran would negotiate with this administration, Zarif responded “of course, we would, but… not a new deal.” “They have to show that they respect their signature,” he noted. “Unless they show that they respect their signature, there is no point in negotiating with them because you set a bad precedent.” Last week, on an interview with CBS network, Zarif said “I’m not confident that we can avoid a war. I’m confident that we will not start one but I’m confident that whoever starts one will not be the one who finishes it.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency